Brighton Welcome Blanket

hail guest hand heart
photo by Mark Findlay

A warm and welcoming blanket created as part of the Make it Happen! Homes for Refugees art project

Brighton University and the Hummingbird Project held a series of art workshops in community venues around Brighton & Hove during spring 2017. Participants were invited to imagine, create, design, draw, knit, paint, make, assemble…homes for refugees.

I created a blanket as part of this project, which incorporates the inscription that stands on one of the Brighton Pylons at Patcham:

Hail Guest. We ask not what thou art
If friend, we greet thee, hand & heart
If stranger, such no longer be
If foe, our love shall conquer thee

Many people have contributed to the project by making knitted or crocheted 10cm x 10cm squares in a multitude of different colours and patterns. These have all been pieced together with the letter squares to create the finished blanket.

The blanket is now in a new phase and there is an opportunity for 396 people to sponsor a square by making a donation to the Thousand for 1000 project. For details of how to be part of it and where to see the blanket on display, see the Welcome Blanket page.

People who are interested in this project are warmly invited to join the Brighton Welcome Blanket makers Facebook group, where I am documenting the process.




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