Brighton Welcome Blanket

hail guest hand heart
photo by Mark Findlay

A warm and welcoming blanket created as part of the Make it Happen! Homes for Refugees art project

Brighton University and the Hummingbird Project held a series of art workshops in community venues around Brighton & Hove during spring 2017. Participants were invited to imagine, create, design, draw, knit, paint, make, assemble…homes for refugees.

I created a blanket as part of this project, which incorporates the inscription that stands on one of the Brighton Pylons at Patcham:

Hail Guest. We ask not what thou art
If friend, we greet thee, hand & heart
If stranger, such no longer be
If foe, our love shall conquer thee

Over 30 people contributed to the project by making knitted or crocheted 10cm x 10cm squares in a multitude of different colours and patterns. These were pieced together with the letter squares to create the finished blanket.

The blanket was donated to the Thousand for £1000 project in November 2017. Prints and cards of the blanket are on sale, with all profits to Thousand for £1000 – see the Welcome Blanket page for more images and details of how to order.




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