Welcome Blanket

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The Brighton Welcome Blanket brings together 396 textile squares contributed by over 30 makers, to form a unique artwork representing Brighton’s diversity and openness.

The blanket incorporates the inscription that stands on one of the Brighton Pylons at Patcham:

Hail Guest. We ask not what thou art
If friend, we greet thee, hand & heart
If stranger, such no longer be
If foe, our love shall conquer thee

Order prints and cards

Prints and cards of the blanket can be ordered using the Paypal buttons and form below. All profits go to Thousand 4 £1000, a community response to enforced homelessness among forced migrants.

Cards are available showing all the images in the slideshow above. Each card costs £2, or a set of 10 cards costs £18. We also have high quality photographic prints at £15 for an unframed A3 size print or £40 for a framed print in a square frame.

Use the buttons below to pay for your goods. Make sure you include the correct delivery address on the Paypal checkout page.

Pack of 5 cards Pack of 10 cards Unframed print Framed print
£10 + £1 postage £18 + £1 postage £15 + £3.50 postage £40 + £5 postage

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Over 100 people sponsored the blanket, by donating to Thousand 4 £1000. So far, the Welcome Blanket project has raised over £2,000 for the charity’s work, providing shelter and practical support to migrants who are destitute and homeless. The names of most of the sponsors were sewn onto the back of the blanket.

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