Bicycle blanket

Knitted blanket in two colours with stripes

This is a double-sided blanket which represents the full range of gears on my bike.

On this side, each column represents the experience of cycling through five full rotations of the wheels – each change of colour in a single column is a turn of the pedals.

In the lowest gear (left hand side of the picture), you have to turn the pedals more than 5 times to make the wheels go round 5 times. Over on the right hand side, in the highest gear, just over one turn of the pedals propels the bike through the same distance.

Knitted blanket in two colours, with stripes and dots

The other side of the blanket shows how the chainrings and sprockets interrelate to produce the different gears. Each column is a gear combination, as on the other side. The lowest gear is still on the left and the highest on the right.

On this side, we are tracking the movement of the chain around the chainrings and sprockets of the bike. The bike has three chainrings and eight sprockets, so there are 24 possible combinations. In each column, the colour changes when the front chainring has turned through a full rotation (ie the pedals have been turned once) and there is a dot when the rear sprocket has turned through a full rotation (ie the wheel has turned once).



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