Lobster Pot project

I am working on a new project in response to the introduction of Universal Credit and the efforts of recent governments to cut spending on social security.

Universal Credit has been called a ‘lobster pot’ – once you are on it, you can’t escape.

My piece will incorporate phrases and words contributed by people with experience of claiming Universal Credit and other benefits. It will take the form of a knitted net, large enough to step inside. I hope it will provoke people to reflect on whether the benefits system is now working more as a safety net or a trap.

If you would like your words included, please fill in the form below or contact me via Twitter.

You can say anything you like. I only need one or two sentences – it doesn’t have to be a long piece of writing. I may not be able to fit everything you write into the knitted piece, but I will publish all contributions in full on this website.

Here are a few questions to think about, but don’t feel you have to stick to these if you have something else to say:

  • How do you feel about claiming benefits?
  • How would you describe the experience to someone who has never been in the position you are in?
  • What would you change about the benefits system if you were in charge?

I won’t include people’s names in the piece, and you are welcome to contribute anonymously.

If you want to, you can give me your name and a way to contact you, so I can let you know when it is finished and invite you to see it on display. I won’t use your contact details for anything else and I’ll destroy them once the project is finished.